What to know when buying a concrete mixer

Sep 23, 2023 | Articles, Construction Equipment

Getting the Consistency Right – Buying vs. Renting a Concrete Mixer

From building house foundations and swimming pools to pouring pavements and roads, a concrete mixer can be a versatile machine that can be used for various projects. It is a machine that is often hired as many contractors are multi-purpose builders and seldom need to mix slurry regularly. However, active DIY’ers, construction companies, professional builders and project procurement supervisors who need cement mixed daily might want to consider purchasing one, as this has many advantages.Concrete Mixer for sale near Cape Town

At BM Power, we are the experts in construction equipment, and have worked tirelessly to become the leading retailer of these machines in the Western Cape. If you are contracted to projects that require mixed cement regularly and are considering buying a concrete mixer, allow us to explain just a few of the benefits of purchasing, as opposed to constantly dealing with rental costs and other irritations of hiring one.

4 Main Advantages of Purchasing a Concrete Mixer vs. Renting One

  1. Cost Savings in The Long Run: The initial investment of buying a concrete mixer is typically higher than the cost of renting for a short period. It therefore makes sense to use this equipment for a few days and return it. However, if you are regularly using the machine, consider the cost per use. The more frequently you use the machine, the cheaper per-use costs become. This saves you the irritations of pick-up and return complications and saves you money over time. 
  1. Depreciation and Tax Rebates: Construction equipment depreciates as it gets older, which means that its value decreases. This in itself has many benefits. A well-maintained concrete mixer can remain in service for many years, and apart from maintenance and fuel costs, the equipment becomes free to use. Additionally, the cost of purchase and the depreciation of the machine may have tax-deductible benefits that could save you additional costs over time. 
  1. Availability and Flexibility for Multiple Projects: The more often you utilise the machine for various projects, your local hire shop may not always have a concrete mixer available, especially for longer periods. This might lead to project delays on time-sensitive projects. If you own the equipment, you have the flexibility to use it where and when you need it and for as long as you need it. Moreover, you are not tied to rental contracts that may penalise renters for late returns. 
  1. Increased Control Over Equipment Maintenance: Not all equipment hire shops maintain their machines, so they may be prone to break-downs. Worse, they could hold you responsible for any malfunctions as you didn’t read the “fine print”. When the concrete mixer belongs to you, you have complete control over planned maintenance, repairs and service intervals. This way, you can ensure that your equipment remains in good order and will remain loyal for years.

Where to Find Superior Construction Equipment, Concrete Mixers and More

At BM Power, We have been supplying superior-quality Honda, Stihl and Yanmar products to DIY’ers, construction companies, structural engineers and more for decades. In addition to our full portfolio of quality equipment for the construction industry, we also cater to the agricultural and forestry industries and are loyal supporters of the informal employment sectors like general builders, handymen and garden services.

If you need friendly, competent service, expert advice, knowledgeable opinions and superior-quality products for your business, feel free to peruse our website or simply contact us. BM power – For the best retail deals.

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