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As the biggest dealer of Stihl and Honda in the Western Cape, BM Power is geared up to give you the best retail deals on precision, quality equipment – with the service excellence to match it.

Staying Power : We first powered up in 1996. That’s 28 years of powerhouse service to our customers, and power-sharing with our suppliers. Our headquarters are in Cape Town, but our reach extends across the Western Cape to Namibia, and beyond.

Dynamic Power Supply : We provide a wide range of construction and agricultural products to a diverse market that includes the construction, forestry and garden service industries, as well as power tool contractors, farmers, equipment hire shops and DIY-minded home owners.

Knowledge is Power : Experienced and knowledgeable staff, backed by decades of credibility in the trade, are always available to provide advice and support. If there is a piece of equipment or product that we might not have, we will do everything in our power to source it for you. We also hold specialised workshops for products in our range, so you get equipped with professional expertise, as well as the right gear.


BM Power is dedicated to becoming the leading power equipment supplier in the Western Cape for Honda, Stihl and Yanmar products and to empowering our staff, customers and communities through our proactive commitment to quality and social upliftment.


Empowering our customers
Giving you peace of mind about personal safety.

Respecting the power of nature
Helping preserve our precious ecology through customer education.

Service you expect and deserve
Before, during and after a sale, you get the same effort and commitment to excellence.

Maintaining and enhancing our position as the most trusted and respected supplier in the Western Cape.