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Dec 12, 2023 | Articles, News

BM Power’s Hedge Trimmers: Discover their Uses and Where to Find Them

Hedge trimmers are versatile machines with a wide range of uses, from domestic gardening to forestry management. With different models, power sources, and blade sizes, hedge trimmers cater to various needs and requirements. In this article, we explore the multiple uses of hedge trimmers, safety considerations, and where you can get them for your business or personal needs.

Whether you are a garden service looking to do more for your customers or a local hardware store seeking to expand your business with exciting new tools and equipment, perhaps you should consider some advice from the experts at BM Power.

3 Types of Hedge Trimmers and Their Applications

  1. Single-Sided Hedge Trimmers: These machines are ideal for long, straight sections and these trimmers have cutting teeth on one side of the cutting bar, making the machine lighter and able to accommodate a longer blade. This design allows for more efficient trimming of larger areas with a single swing.
  2. Double-Sided Trimmers: Perfect for shaping hedges, shrubs, and bushes, double-sided trimmers offer cutting teeth on both sides of the cutting bar. An adjustable rear handle can enhance flexibility and better ergonomics, making it easier to trim in various directions.
  3. Pole-Hinge Hedge Cutters: These trimmers are designed for cutting long grass, brush, and hedges, as well as thin branches, roots, and vines from taller trees without a ladder. The adjustable cutting bar and extendable pole provide exceptional convenience and versatility.

While hedge trimmers are efficient and effective for many domestic and forestry tasks, they are not accustomed to heavy-duty work and should be utilised to cut twigs, small branches and leaves up to 10-15mm (½ inch) in diameter but should not be used on larger branches.

Choosing the Right Hedge Trimmer: Petrol vs. Battery vs. Electric

Petrol-powered hedge trimmers offer more power but may be louder and heavier than their electric counterparts. Battery-operated options are similar to electronic ones regarding performance but rely on the power grid for recharging. Your choice of trimmer depends on where you’ll be using the machine and for how long.

Safety Considerations for Hedge Trimmer Use

Regardless of the trimmer type, it is crucial to adhere to safety precautions when operating hedge trimmers. Always wear protective clothing, including gloves, eye protection, and ear protection, especially when using petrol-powered trimmers. Additionally, ensure the work area is clear of obstructions and maintain the blade parallel to the ground to prevent damage to the hedge trimmer.

Where to Get Hedge Trimmers: BM Power

BM Power offers a wide range of superior-quality Honda, Stihl and Yanmar tools, equipment and machinery, including hedge trimmers for various applications. Since 1996, BM Power has been supplying forestry, farming, construction, and agricultural equipment to the Western Cape, with trade routes extending to Namibia and beyond.

Whether you need a hedge trimmer for your garden service or a hardware store looking to expand your tool offerings, BM Power can help you choose the perfect solution for your business requirements. We also provide excellent after-sales support, ensuring you make the most of your investment.

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