Stihl Brush Cutters and Edge Trimmers

Dec 30, 2023 | Articles, Brush Cutters

Stihl Brush Cutters and Edge Trimmers through BM Power

Keeping your garden neat and tidy requires the right tools, and when it comes to brush cutters and Edge trimmers, there is no better brand than Stihl. Internationally renowned for their quality, performance, and durability, Stihl products are the go-to choice for both professional landscapers and avid home horticulturists.

Stihl brush cutters and edge trimmers from BM PowerAt BM Power, we are the leading Stihl-approved reseller in the province, and you can own one of these superior-quality machines right here in the Western Cape.

Brush Cutters and Edge Trimmers for Every Challenge

Whether you are tackling overgrown plots, clearing thick bushes, or simply maintaining your lawn edges, Stihl has the brush cutter or edge trimmer to suit your needs. We offer a bursting portfolio of Stihl machines, from lightweight trimmers to heavy-duty clearing saws.

Popular Stihl brush cutters available through BM Power include:

  • FS38: Light and easy to use 0.65kW-Grass trimmer. Lightest brush cutter in the STIHL range. Ideal for trimming grass edges. Multifunction handle, round handle, 2-MIX engine.
  • FSA45: As an entry-level model, the STIHL FSA 45 cordless brush cutter is ideal for trimming and clearing work in your home garden and outdoor domestic spaces. The lawn trimmer has a permanently integrated lithium-ion battery, the charge level of which can be read directly on the device by means of several LEDs. You can charge the battery when required using the cable supplied. The electric motor operates so quietly that you do not need to wear hearing protection during use, making this brush cutter ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas.
  • FS 461 C-EM Heavy Duty: For heavy-duty clearing jobs; the FS 461 is a true powerhouse. This professional-grade brush cutter also features a bike handle. In addition, it has a high-performance engine, a sturdy shaft and a durable cutting blade that can handle the most challenging vegetation. 

Hedge Trimmers for the Fastidious 

Maintaining well-defined hedges is a breeze with our range of Stihl hedge trimmers. We carry a vast selection of electric and petrol-powered trimmers, each designed for different hedge types, for example:

  • HS 45 Hedge Trimmer: This lightweight and compact trimmer is perfect for shaping small hedges and shrubs. It is quiet, easy to use and delivers clean, precise cuts with its 0.75kW motor. 
  • HLA 86 Long-Reach Trimmer: For those who need to reach high hedges, the HLA 86 is the perfect solution. This cordless trimmer is ideal for the maintenance of tall hedges, shrubs and ground cover. 
  • HL 94 KC-E: This weight-optimised petrol-powered trimmer with a long-shaft reach is perfect for maintaining wide or high hedges and shrubbery. Additionally, starting is made easy through Stihl ErgoStart and Ecospeed technology which allows you to adjust the speed as required.

Why Choose BM Power as Your Stihl Supplier

As an authorised Stihl supplier, we at BM Power have the best tools for sale and offer several advantages over comparable retailers, including:

  • Guaranteed genuine Stihl products: When dealing with the professionals at BM Power, you can be sure that you are getting the best Stihl tools for sale; along with the quality and performance you expect from this globally recognised brand.
  • Expert advice and service: At BM Power, we pride ourselves on our friendly service and our team’s knowledge about all things Stihl. We can recommend the right tool for your needs while offering exceptional after-sales service, spares and repairs.

If you are looking for the best Stihl tools for sale throughout the Western Cape, look no further than BM Power. With our wide selection of Stihl products, expert advice and competitive prices, we are the logical choice. Contact us for all your power tool needs today.

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